1. Time

  - What time is it now?  (What's the time?)(Do you have the time?)(What  time do you have?)
  - It's 10 o'clock.   A quarter to eight.   A quarter past eight.
  - What time do you get up in the morning?
  -  I get up at 7:30.
  - What time do you go to bed? (What time do you go to sleep?)
  -  I go to bed 10:30 at night.
  -  What time do you go to school?    
  -  I go to school at 8:00..
  - What time do you get dressed for school?  (What time do you dress for school?)
  -  I get dressed for school  at eight.
  -  What time do you get home?  
  -  I get home 2:30 in the afternoon.

2. Family

  - How many are there in your family?  (How big is your family?)  
  - We are a family of four.  (There are four in my family.)
  - Who are they?
  - Mother, father, brother and me.
  - Do you mind if I ask your age?
  - No, not at all. Guess how old I am(How old do I look?)
  - It's really hard to tell.
  - Just give it a try.
  - How old is your mother?
  - She is 37years old.
  - Do you have any brother?
  - Yes, I have one younger brother.
  - Do you have sisters too?  
  - No, I don't
  - What do you look like?
  -  I look like my Mom.
  - What does your brother look like?
  - He look like monkey.

     *extended family * nuclear family

3. Job/school

  - What does your father do?(What profession is your father in?)(What's your father's job?) (What does your father do for living?)                                     
  - He works for Korean Air.
  - What does he do there?    
  -  He is a pilot.
  - Where do you go to work?   
  -  I work for Hyundae Auto co.,.
  - Where do you go to school?  (What school do you go to?)(What school do you attend?)
  -  I go to Ilsan elementary school.
  -  Where did you go to school?   (What school did you graduated from?)
  -  I graduated from Chongju university.
  -  I'm a graduatee of Chongju  university.
  -  What year are you in? (What grade are you in?)
  -  I'm in the fourth year.
  -  (I'm in the fourth grade.)
  -  (I'm a fourth grader.)
  -  (I am a fourth grader of Baekma  elementary school.)

  4, Weather

  - What's the weather like today?  (How's the weather today?)(How's it outside?)   
  - It's cloudy.
  - It's windy.
  - It's sunny.
  - It's rainy.
  - It's snowy.
  - It's hot and humid.
  - It's cold.
  - It's foggy.
  - It looks like rain. 

5. Daily life

 - How often do you watch TV?  
 -  Not quite often.  Quite a lot.
 - What's your favorite program?
 -  I like cartoon program.  I don't have any favorite program.
 - What kind of program do you watch?
 -  science fiction/horror film/thrillers/westerns/drama
 - How many hours do you study English in a day?
 -  At least one hour.
 - What time do you leave for school?
 -  Usually 8 o'clock.
 - How do you go to school?
 - I walk to school.  (I go to school on foot.) I go by bike.
 - What time does the class begin?
 - It begins at 08:30.
 - How many classes do you have in a day?
 - Six classes.
 - What do you do after school?
 -  I play out with my friends for a while, watch TV, do homework,  after dinner go to bed.

6. Personal life

- What's your favorite subject?
- Math/history/science/athletics/geology/chemistry/psychology
- How tall are you?     
- I'm 155cm tall.
- Are you tall or short in your class?
- I'm in the middle.
- How much do you weigh?
- 35 kg.
- How often do you brush your teeth?
- Three times.
- How often have your hair cut?
- Once a month.
- Are you enjoying your school life?
- Sure, I'm very happy.
- What would you like to be in the future? (What do you want to be when you grow up?) 
- I'd like to be an English teacher.  (movie star, celebrities, actor, actress)
- What kind of music do you listen to?   
- Classical music/folk music/chanson/pop music/jazz/rock music

7. Greeting

7.1 Introduction

-Nice to meet you
 (How do you do?/Pleasure to meet you./Pleased to meet you. My pleasure to meet you.)
-Me too. My name is Su-jin, Lee.
-Where are you from?
-I'm from Korea. And you?
-I'm from America.

7.2 Meeting after short interval

-How have you been?
 (How are you?/What's up?/How are you doing?/How's everything with you?)
-Nothing particular. And you?
-Fine thanks. (Couldn't be better./Pretty good.)

*Not so great/Not so good/I'm under the weather.

8. Phone call

8.1 He or she is there at the right moment.

-May I speak to So-ra please?
(Can I speak to So-ra, please/Can I speak with So-ra, please/ Is So-ra at home?/I'd like to  talk to So-ra, please.)
-Speaking. Who?
-Hi! So-ra, It's me Nam-su. What are you doing tonight? Won't you see the movies?
-Sounds great. What are they playing?
-My hometown. It is said to be good.
-Can I bring my friend Tom?
-Sure, he will be interested..
-What time shall we make it?
-Can you come to my house at 7:00.
-Sure, see you then.
-See you.

* Do you have time tonight?
* Are you busy at 10 o'clock?
* Are you free at 10 o'clock. 
*What's the title of the movie? 

8.2 Wrong number.

-Hello. Whose calling please?
-Is So-ra at home?
-Sorry there's no person by that name. I'm afraid you've got the wrong number.
-Isn't it 744-7401?

8.3 He or she has just coming back.

-Can I talk to So-ra?
-This is Nam-su, classmate.
-She has not come back from school. Oh! wait a second. She has just come back. Hold on the  line. Phone call for you.
-Hi! Nam-su. Anything new?
-Can you come to Min-su's birthday party tonight?
-Great. What time?
-8:00 o'clock.
-I will make it. See you then.
-See you.

*Hang on. It's for you. You are wanted on the phone.

8.4 He or she is absent.

-Hello. May I speak to So-ra, please?
-Who's this?
-This is Mr. Lee English teacher.
-Sorry, she's out. May I take a message?
-Just tell her Mr. Lee called.

*Will you leave a message for her?
*Can I take a message?
*She is not available now.
*She is out of town.
*She's just stepped out.

8.5 Phone transfer

-Hello. Can I talk to Kathay?
-She's in accounting. I'll transfer your call. If you get disconnected, try 902-2344 directly.
-Thanks a lot.


- How many seasons in year?
- Four seasons. Spring, summer, fall and winter.
- How many months in a year?
- January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November,    December.
- What's today?  (What day is today?/What day is it today?)  
-  It's Monday.
- What was yesterday?
-  It was Monday.
- What will be tomorrow?
-  It will be Tuesday.
- What's the date today?    
 - It's May 16.
- What's the date of third Thursday.
-  It's 12th of May.
- What's the occasion today?   
- It's memorial day.
- What color is the tree in spring?  
- It's green.
- What color is the sky in fall?
-  It's light blue.
- What color is the sea in summer?
-  It's dark blue.
- What color do you like most?
- I like pink best.
- What season do you like best?    
- Fall.
- Why do you like fall?
- It's neither cold nor hot. The leaves of the  trees turn red and the rice paddies become
  yellow. I feel lonely when colored leaves fall to the ground.
- Do you like winter too?
- Sure, I am happy with much snow. I like ice skating and skiing.
- How about summer?  I  don't like summer season. It is hard for me to breathe. As you see,    I'm a little fat.
- When does the flower open?
- (When does the flower blossom?)
   (When does the flower come out?)

- In spring

10. Counting

- 1 plus 2 equals?  
- 3 ( 1 and 2 are 3)
- 3 minus 2 equals? 
- 1
- 1 times 2 equals? 
-  2
- 1 multiplied by 2 equals?
-  2
* There are 2 eggs on the table and there are 2 eggs on the basket. It adds up to 4 eggs.
*addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

11. Showing the way.

case 1: bus stop

-Where is the bus stop? It's supposed to be around here someplace.
-Sorry, I'm a stranger too.

-Will you show me the way to the bus stop?
-Down the street and turn right at the first intersection. It's on the other side of the post  office. 

case 2: city hall

-Can you show me the way to the city hall?
-Go along this street and turn right at second intersection. It's on the left.
-How long does it take?
-Five minutes. It's quite near here.
-Not at all.

12. Home town

-Where do you come from?
-I come from Ilsan, a bed town for Seoul.
-What's it like?
-Very quiet city with clean air. But there are so many shopping malls in down town. Outside city along the Han river to the west, the Freedom road stretches to Panmunjum where the armistice between the North and South was negotiated to end the Korean civil war.

13. Previous engagement.

case 1: Going to concert

-How about going to concert tonight?
-Sounds great.
-What time shall we make it.
-Let's make it at 10:00.
-OK. See you.

*What time can we meet?
*Let's meet at 10:00.
*How about 10:00?
*Shall we say 10:00.

Case 2: Birthday party

-What are you up to tonight?
-Not much.
-I hear So-ra is having a birthday party. Do you want to come?
-What time?
-8:00 o'clock.
-See you then.

*What are you doing tonight?
*Won't you come?

14. At home or at restaurant

case 1: At a restaurant

-May I take your order?
-One hamburger with milk please.
-Anything else?
-No, thanks.
-To eat or to go.
-We'll eat here.

*Can I get your order?
* How do you like your hamburger?

case 2: at a restaurant

-Can you help?
-Yes, how can I help you?
-Would you bring us some Indian bread for two of us?
-Thank you sir.
-What will you have for dessert?
-Not for me.
-How was your meal?
-It's delicious. Bill please.
-Here you are.  

case 3: at home

- Help yourself.
- Help yourself to some more cakes.   
- I'm full. Thanks
- Do you want some more cakes?  
- I've had enough.
- Can I get you some more cakes?   
- I've got enough.
- Do you want coffee or milk?  
- Coffee please.
- Would you like some coffee?
- Yes, please.( No, thanks.)
- How do you like coffee?    
- With sugar please.

*Which do you prefer, coffee or milk?

15. Hobby 

- What's your hobby?  
- My hobby is collecting stamps.

*What do you do for fun?
*What do you do in your free time?
*I'm into collecting stamps.
*I like listening to music.

16. Job Interview

-Thanks for your interest in our company. Where did you go to school?
-I graduated from Chongju university.
-What's your major?
-I majored in Japanese literature.
-Where were you previously employed?
-I worked at Korean Air.
-Are you currently employed?
-No, I quit my job last year because it is not sufficiently challenging and rewarding.
-What sort of salary do you expect?
-At least one million won.
-When can you start?
-This coming sunday.
-We'll inform you of the result. See you then.

17. At office

Situation 1: One looks depressed. Nobody knows why. He or she wants to pop out for half an hour during working hours.

-Will you do a favor?
-That's OK. What's up?
-Will you cover for me while I am out?
-What if boss asks for you?
-Please tell him I've gone to the restroom.
-We both get in trouble if he knows.
-Don't worry. I'll be back before you know it.

Situation 2: Little changed from situation 1

-I need a favor a from you.
-What is it?
-I need to pop out about an hour. I was wondering if you can cover for me.
-I wish I could. As you see, I have my hands full. Why don't you ask for a someone else?
  Besides, I have to go to meeting in 30 minutes.
-Gee, I was counting on you. All right, thanks anyway.

Situation 3: One is asking for his boss to extend the period on one's work.

-Can you spare a minute for me?
-I'm expecting someone in 5 minutes.
-Could I get an extension on Asian market report?
-For this time only you've got till next Monday.
-Thanks a lot.

18. At the department store.

Situation 1: Birthday present

dialogue 1

-Can I help you with anything?
-I want to buy a birthday present for my friend.
-How about this necklace?
-What's the price?
-200 dollars
-It's not in my power.
-How about this one. It's 50 dollars.
-OK. I'll take it.

* I'm just for looking.

dialogue 2

-Are you looking for something in particular?
-I'm looking for a gift. Can you make a suggestion?
-What price range are you thinking of?
-Around \ 40,000.
-Do you have anyone less expensive?
-How about this coat?
-Don't you have one in larger size?
-Here you are. What's the fabric made of?

Situation 2: Buying for himself

-Can I help you?
-Show me man's sweater please.
-Sure, how about this one? Do you have a blue one?
-Look nice. Do you have one in blue?  
-I'm sorry, we don't have a blue one.
-May I try this on?
-It looks nice. How much is it?
-I'll let you have it for thirty dollars.
-Fine, I'll take it.

*It looks good on you.
*It suits you.
*It's you.

19. At a laundry shop

case 1: stain out

-I want this suit dry cleaned.
-Could you get this stain out?
-Let me see. It looks like a grease stain. I think we can get it out.

case 2: Color may run.

-Do you think this will shrink if washed?
-No, It won't but the color may run.
-Really? I'd better dry-clean it.  

20. At the air port

1) Thru the immigration for departure

-What's your name?
-Hyon-soo, Lee.
-What's the purpose of your visit?
-To attend seminar.
-How are you going to stay?
-For six weeks.

2) In the cabin

-May I see your boarding pass please?
-Here it is. Where is my seat?
-20A is on the left.
-Thank you.
-What would you like to drink?
-Coke, please.
-Please fasten your seat belt. Put your bag under the seat.

*Go straight down this aisle. It's a window seat about half down the aisle.
*Is there a Korean flight attendant on board?

3) Lost & Found

-I was on UA flight 716, but my baggage didn't come out.
-Can I see your baggage tag?
-Here it is.

-Excuse me, my bag is missing. Where is the Lost & Found counter?
-Over there.

4) Through the immigration for arrival

-May I see your passport?
-Here it is.
-Do you have anything to declare?
-No, they are all personal effects.

5) at the bank

-I'd like to change some of this US $ into Australian dollars.

5) On the way to the hotel

-Where can I get a taxi?
-You can get one right outside that door
-Where to? (taxi driver)
-To the Hilton hotel please.
-There is a lot of traffic. How much longer till we reach the hotel?
-About an hour.
-We're here.
-How much do I owe you?
-Thanks. Keep the change.

*How much to the Hilton hotel?
*Are we almost there?
*Let me off here.
* Drop me off here.
*Where does this bus go to?
*Would you let me know when it's my stop.-

21) Hotel Check in

-May I help you Sir?
-I have a reservation. I'd like to check in.
-Passport please? Your reservation is for three days.
-Yes, That's right.
-Please fill out this form.
-Here you are. Please wake me up at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning.

(in the room)
-Hello, Air-conditioner is not working well. Would you send somebody and check it out?
-OK. We'll check it right away

* I'd like to have some laundry done.

22. When you are in a stressed out.

-What do you do when you're stressed out?
-I usually go to singing room with my friends and sing at the top of my lungs.
-I am sure it will be helpful.
-Of course.
-What else do you do?
-I play tennis.

-You look depressed. What's the matter with you?
-I failed the exam.
-Try again. You're smart and young.

-You look pale. Are you ill?
-Yes, I have a bad cold.
-That's too bad. You should take a day off.
-I'm off tomorrow.

-Can I take a tomorrow off?
-What's wrong?
-My father had a traffic accident. this morning. He's in the hospital now.
-I'm sorry to hear that.
-Why don't you go to the hospital now?
-Thanks a lot.

23. At a barber shop or hair salon

-How would you like to have your hair cut?
-I like it rather short all around.

* I just want a haircut please.
* A haircut and shampoo please. 
* A little shorter in the back please.
* Just a trim please.
* I'd like my ears to be covered.
* I'd like my ears to show.
* I'd like to have a manicure please.
* Shampoo and set please.
* Trim the sides and leave the top as it is.

-How would you like your permanent?
-I'd like to get a medium permanent.
-Yes Ma'am.

24. Taking a picture

-Would you mind a taking a picture of us in front of the tower?
-No, not at all.
-Do I need a focus?
-No just press the button.

-Excuse me. Could you take a picture of us?
-Do I need to focus?
-No, it will focus automatically.
-Say cheese.
-Thank you.

-Can I enlarge this picture?
-Sure, do you have the negative with you?
-Yes, I have.
-What size would you like?
-The same size as this picture.
-How long will it take to develop the picture?
-We have an half an hour service but it will cost you 40% more.
-How long is the regular priced service?
-You can pick it up tomorrow morning.
-I'll have the regular service.

25. Invitation

dialogue 1

-Would you come to my house? and have dinner with me?
-Sounds great. What is this for?
-When I was in hospital, you helped me in many ways. I've always wanted to pay back.
-You don't need to. What are friends for? You could have done the same thing.

*What's the occasion?
*That's the friends for.

dialogue 2

-Are you free next Friday night?
-What's up?
-I'd like to invite you to a party at my house.
-Sounds great. Who else is invited?
-A group of my friends are getting together to have some drinks and listen to music.
- What time shall I be there?
-How about eight?
-See you then.

*It's informal gathering dinner party.
*Am I expected to dress up?
*Who else will there be?

26. At the hospital

-What seems to be the problem?
-I have a terrible headache.
-Let's take your temperature.
-When did it start?
-Since last night.
-Can you describe the pain?
-It's a very sharp pain.
-Do you have an appetite?
-A little.
-Can you show me where it hurts?
-Right in this area.

27. At the drug store

-I'd like to have this prescription filled.
-Please take two tablets after each meal.

28. At the bank

situation 1: bank account open

-I want to open a bank account. What kinds of accounts do you have?
-There is a saving account. Its interest rate is 3% per year.
Another one is regular saving account. You can deposit a certain amount of money a month until fixed period. Its interest rate is higher than general saving account.
-If so, I'd like to open a regular saving account.

situation 2: ATM is not working.

-Excuse me?
-Please take the number and wait for your turn.
-ATM is not working. It ate my card.
-Let's go and have a look. Wait a second. I'll get the key.
-Here you are. Sorry for inconvenience.