Jan. 08, 2000

Dear Mr. Lee

Let me introduce myself. My name si Charlotte Elizabeth Harrison. I am a 4th grade student at Kratzar elementary school. My favorite school subject is science and geography. I want to be a marinebiologist when I am older. I love school and I love to learn.

I know South Korea, but not that much history about it. I can tell you about America's history if you want me to.

I can help you a lot with your penpal search. I can take some of them but if you want more for your other students, go to interpals.com.

Write back soon,

From Charlotte

Jan 30, 2000

Dear Mr. Lee.

  I do not mind helping you one bit! I will get my dad to help with these arrangements. Sorry, I cannot send to you my photo. I have just one more question. Which menu do get it from? When do you need it by? If you have any questions about me, English or anything else, just ask!!! How many students do you have?
  I found a tiny mistake at the end of this letter that even I sometimes do! When you said "Can you send your photo thru internet?"
Thru should be spelled through. Have you ever seen an eclipse? I have not seen one, but I have seen many pictures! An eclipse is when the moon lines up with waves around it. Actually, the waves you can see are the Sun's corona, and the black hole is the moon. Space is very interesting in many ways. Maybe you could ask me more about the Sun, Space and anything else and I will tell you as much as I know. Maybe you could get your students interested too. We  get quite a few eclipses where I live. My teacher told me.



Feb. 01, 2000

Mr. Lee... I am terribly sorry. I am sorry I put you through typing out all of those directions. Unfortunately, I cannot read South Korean... so on your site I do not know what the words in the menu say.. which means I only have favour if you could... in a list can you put the headings the menu has??? I would make it quite easier. Thanks.
   The reason I could not answer your mail for quite a while is that I just moved into this house, and it took a while to hook up the internet. Sorry about that too.
   I'd absolutly love to be in that Society you told me about!!! I sounds great!!! Are you in it??? Are any of your students very talkative and curious, like me???!!!
What is the guy's name you are going to introduce me to? I am so glad that you and I can help each other learn in sooo many different ways!!! It is sooo great!
   You do not have to tell me if you do not feel comfortable: What were your dreams when you were kid??? My dream(that is impossible to come true) is not to win a million dollars, but to have my grandfather be alive again. He died when he was 59, in 1994. Very sad, but he is always with me in my heart.
   No, I have not read THE GREAT STONE FACE. I love emotional books though. I think books show people mistakes, and they also teach a lot of things to people.
Does THE GREAT STONE FACE have anything to do with Mt. Rushmore??? Mt. Rushmore is the fab stone carving of four famous presidents of the US. I have never been to it, but I have heard so much about it!!!
   I don't know that many American authours, but here are some your students and you might like(mix):
1. R.L Stine. He wrote the Goosebumps series.
2. Kenneth Grahame. He wrote The Wind in The Willows.
3. Jerry Spinell. He wrote Maniac Magoo, and Crash.
4. Jack London. He wrote White Fang.
5. Enid Blyton. He wrote The secret Seven and Famous Five series.
6. Philippa Pearce. She wrote Tom's Midnight Garden.
7. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle> He wrote The Lost World(Jurassic Park)
8. L.Frank Baum. He wrote The Wizard of Oz.
9. Francis Hodason Burnett. He wrote The Secret Garden.
10. Lewis Carroll. He wrote Alice in Wonderland.
11. Daniel Defoe. He wrote Robinson Cruesoe.
12. Alexander Dumas. He wrote The Three Musketeers.
13. Washington Irving. He wrote Rip Van Winkle.
14. E. Nesbit. She wrote The Railway Children.
15. Roald Dahl. He wrote many popular stories. Too many to tell!!!
16. L.M.Montgomery. He/She wrote Anne of Green Gables.
17. Gerald Durall. Wrote many animal stories.
18. Colin Dann. He wrote in the Path O)f The Storm.
19. George MacDonald. He wrote The Princess and The Goblin.
20. Michelle Megorian. She wrote Goodnight, Mister Tom.

I will include a list of some  great authours in each of my e mails if you would like me to. Can you include a few good authors you liike??? That would be great if you could.
I was wondering about that Soceity, Does it have a website? If so, what is it??
 My school life is good. My teacher's name is Mrs. Rappa. She is pretty nice. Last year, I get all A's on my report card. I am one of the best students in my class.
 We have quite a lot of snow where I live. A bout a feet!!! And it feels way below 0 degrees. Today it warmed up a bit... one degree!!!


Well, bundle up!!!

 Feb. 04, 2000

Dear Mr. Lee.

    I do not understand what you mean by 'meeting'. We live in different countries. Almost on the side of the world. I do not mind telling you my age. I am not 11 or 12. I am 9. I skipped 3rd grade. Am I too young to do this favour for you? I admit it. I don't mind if I am. I am not very religious if you ask me. I do not go to church that often. I love science, yes. But I have changed my mind again about being a biologist. I want to be a teacher. I like teaching and learning new things. Do you? Just wondering if you want to know the spelling of the great scientist. EINSTEIN. That's how you spell it if you wanted to know. If you can, can you send me poem you wrote?
I will tell you the story I just wrote in another letter. It's called Time Portal 3000. It's cool. It might take a while to send you the sound thing, if you still want me to, that is. Do you mind?
Have a great day!

Your friend. Charlotte. Do you mind calling a friend?