Bob is a thirteen year old whose favorite time of day is after school when he gets together with the other kids in his neighborhood to play baseball or ride around on their bikes. Although Bob's parents are glad to see that their son enjoys the company of the other boys and gets his daily dose of vigorous exercise, they are concerned that his school work may be suffering.

  His parents are high school graduates but did not have a chance to go to college. Both of them are convinced that the road to successful life passes through the college campus. Bob's father feels that, although he's competent in his job, the personnel manager usually passes him over and gives the promotions to college grads instead.

  In order to help Bob avoid this same problems in the future, Bob's parents have been saving money since he was born so that he can get a college education. Now in order to make sure he can qualify for a good college, they have decided that Bob should study a little harder. Bob's parents plan to help him with his homework from now on until he learns to concentrate on his work and begins to understand the importance of studying.

  In addition, Bob's father has advised his son to sign up for the school's track and field team. He feels that it will be a good change of  pace from studying and at the same time provide Bob with training in discipline-both physical and mental.

Direction: Based on the information in the story, decide what childhood activities you think Bob's parents consider to be important. Rank the following items from the most important to the least important.

Children should -
      study hard in order to have a good future
      have fun in order to enjoy their childhood                       --------------
      spend a lot of time with other children in
      order to learn about getting along
      socially                                                                         --------------

      take lessons in extra things like music or
      sports in order to develop special skills                          --------------

      be physically active in order to develop
      their bodies                                                                  --------------

      have free time in order to discover their
      talents and interests                                                     --------------