Character: Cinderella, Prince, King, Stepmother, Stepsisters 1.2, Fairy, Mice 1.2.3 Duke
                 Servant, Narrators

Narrator 1: Hello, It's nice to meet you. Today, I'd like to tell you a very well known story.
                It's called "Cinderella"

----- Clapping------

Once upon t time there was a lovely girl named Cinderella. Her mother died when she was young. So her father married another woman who had two daughters. A short time later, Cinderella's father died too. Cinderella had to live with her stepmother and stepsisters. They did not like Cinderella because she was so beautiful and kind.

(Cinderella's home)

Stepsister 1: Cinderella! Wash the dishes.
                    Clean my bedroom. Wash my clothes!
Stepsister 2: Where's my lunch?
                    Bring me a cup of coffee.

Narrator 2: At that time the king of the land had handsome son.
                 The king's greatest desire was to see his son get married.
                 He decided to give a ball and invite all the girls in the kingdom.

(In the palace)

King: My prince, you must marry soon.
Prince: I haven't met a girl whom I've really liked yet. So I don't want to marry now.
King: That's why I'm going to invite all the girls in the land. And you may choose your bride  among them.
Prince: Yes, I will try Your Majesty.

(Cinderella's home)


Stepmother: My daughters!
                   A letter came from the palace. Listen, I'll read it. (The king is giving a great ball  tonight. The prince will choose a bride. Every girl in the land is invited.)
It's a good chance, isn't it, my girls? Let's wear fancy dresses. One of  daughters could be a bride. Cinderella! Help us get ready for the prince's ball.
Cinderella: Can I go there, too?
Stepsister 1: You? Don't be silly!
Cinderella: But it says all the girls are invited.
Stepmother: yes, you can, Cinderella. You can go if you finish your work first.
Cinderella: Oh, thank you. I will.
Stepmother: And if you have a dress to wear.
Cinderella: Oh, may I borrow one of your dresses? Would you lend me one, please?
Stepsister 2: No way! It wouldn't look good on you. I have nothing for you.

(Cinderella's room)


Cinderella: Oh, no! What should I wear? Here? I have no other choice. It just needs a little mending. Maybe I can make it prettier with a ribbon and beads.
Stepmother: Cinderella!
                   Sweep the floor off! Wash all the windows and dusty the furniture. Wash the                    curtains.
Cinderella: But I did them all yesterday.
Stepmother: Once more today.

Narrator 3: Cinderella didn't complain at all. She just did her best. But there was always extra  work to do.
Stepsister 1: Cinderella! Brush my hair.
Stepsister 2: Cinderella! Help me with my make-up.
Cinderella: Oh, I'm afraid I won't have any time to mend my dress.

Mice 1: Poor Cinderella! They make Cinderella work hard all the time.
Mice 2: She'll never have any time for herself.
Mice 3: It's time for us to help her.
           Let's fix her dress ourselves.


Stepsister 1: I am sick of this old ribbon.
Stepsister 2: I hate these old fashioned beads.

Mice 1: Wow! Look What we found.
Mice 2: These are great gifts.
Mice 3: Let's begin to fix Cinderella's dress now.
Mice 1.2.3: Yes! We can do it!

(In the house)

Stepmother: It's almost time to go, girls. Why, Cinderella, you are not ready.
Cinderella: I had no time for myself.
Stepmother: You'd better work faster.
Cinderella: I am not going. Have a good time.

(Cinderella's room)

Narrator 4: Cinderella was sad and very tired from working so hard. She lay down on her bed.                  She looked like she would cry. At that time her friends opened the curtain. Her  dress was ready!


Mice 1.2.3: Surprise! Surprise! Hurry up, Cinderella.
Cinderella: Oh! This is the most beautiful dress I've ever seen. I can't thank you enough, my  friends.
Cinderella: Wait, I am coming, too. I have a dress to wear. Look at this.
Stepsister 1: It's my ribbon.
Stepsister 2: These are my beads. Give them back!

Narrator 5: They got angry and ripped off the ribbon, pulled off the beads. They stepped on the dress. Cinderella's dress was ruined. Cinderella ran to the garden behind the

Cinderella: How I wished I could go to the ball. But it is no use now.
Fairy: Good evening, my child.
Cinderella: Who are you?
Fairy: I am your fairy godmother. I am here to help you. Now dry your tears.

Narrator 6: She waved her magic wand. The pumpkin was changed into a golden coach. The  horse became a coach man. The dog turned into a handsome footman. The  mice became white horses. And Cinderella's old dress transformed into a white  gown.

Fairy: Abraca Dabra Boo!
Spectators: Abraca Dabra Boo!
Fairy: Bibidi Bobidi Boo! Abraca Dabra Boo!
Spectators: Bibidi Bobidi Boo! Abraca Dabra Boo!
Fairy: Abraca Dabra Boo! Bibidi Bobidi Boo!
Spectator: Abraca Dabra boo1 bibidi Bobidi Boo!


Cinderella: Oh, wonderful!
Fairy: You have no time to waste, my dear.
Cinderella: But what about my shoes?
Fairy: Don't worry.
         Shoes are the most important. Abraca Cabra Boo!
Cinderella: Oh, thank you they might be the most beautiful dress and shoes at the ball.
Fairy: Now you are ready to go to the ball. But you must remember one thing. All the magic
         ends at midnight when the clock strikes twelve. You must return before everything
Cinderella: OK. I promise to remember. Thank you so much.


(At the ball)

King: What's wrong with the prince? He doesn't seem to care for anyone of those beautiful girls.
Duke: The prince is not one to fall in love at first sight.

Narrator 7: But just at that moment he did. For Cinderella came into the ball room. Everybody  stopped dancing to look at her. The prince was so happy to see her.
Prince: May I dance with you?
Cinderella: Yes, your majesty.

Narrator 8: All evening the prince never left Cinderella's side. They danced and danced while  everybody wondered who could she be. Cinderella was so happy that she forgot all about the time. Cinderella fell deeply in love with the prince.
Everyone said: How wonderful she is! Where had she come from!

Prince: You are so beautiful. Who are you?
Cinderella: I am Cin.....
                (At this time the clock rings: Ding Ding Ding......)
                Oh, It's twelve o'clock. I must go now.
Prince: Wait. Who are you?
           Please come back. I don't even know your name.
           Who are you?
           Wait for me!

Narrator 9: She rushed away so fast that she lost one of the glass slippers. But she didn't  have time to go back for it. The prince ran after her but he couldn't get her. The prince saw a glass slipper and picked it up.


Prince: I am going to marry the girl who fits this slipper. I'll not marry anyone else.

Narrator 10: The next morning the Grand Duke and his servant travelled around the kingdom with the glass slipper. Finally they arrived at the house where Cinderella lived.
Duke: Knock Knock!
Stepmother: Who's there?
Servant: The Grand Duke has arrived.
Duke: I am the Grand Duke from the kingdom. Are there any girls here?
Stepmother: Sure, there are two beautiful girls in this house.
Duke: The girl who fits this slipper will marry the prince.
Stepsister 1: Yes. It's mine.
Stepsister 2: No, It's mine.
Stepsister 1: Me first.
Stepsister 2: Now  it's my turn. That's my size.
Duke: Sorry, it's doesn't fit either of you.
          Don't you have any other girls in this house?
Stepmother: No!
Cinderalla: May I try the slipper on?
Servant: Oh, there is another girl.
Stepsister 2: She is only a kitchen maid.
Duke: It doesn't matter. She, too has a right to try it.
Duke: It fits perfectly! Now I remember you. You were the only girl who the prince danced with at the ball.
Duke: I've found you at last! Let's go together to the palace.

Narrator 10: Cinderella went to the palace and married the prince. Cinderella became a good  princess of the kingdom. Cinderella and the prince lived happily ever after.

The End

Director: Thank you everyone. Let me introduce all the characters, narrators, prince, king,
                Duke, servant. fairy, stepsisters, stepmother and Ciderella.