99. 1. 7

hello mr lee
its nice to hear from someone so far away. I live in the country about 50 miles from detroit michagan. I live with my son and his wife until we move to our own property this coming fall.
we have 4 dogs, they are called douge de bourdoux, these are the same kind on the movie turner and hooch. they are large one weighs in at 120 pounds. they are very good mannered dogs.
it is cold here. im not sure about what is the normal weather for south  korea, but we get cold and snow here starting in November till april, and it has arrived!!!!
I have 3 grandchildren also.
I am 4 ft 10 in tall, have long red hair and blue eyes. I am half american indian and irish, so I have a bit of a temper at times. I run a group home for the physicaly and mentaly handicaped. I enjoy this work very much. I would  enjoy corresponding with you. tell me about your life there, and feel free to ask me questions.
I will try to answer promptly, but at times my work takes me away for days. so rest assured I will get to you.


99. 1.8

hi hyun-soo, lee,
we do not have to be so formal unless it is what you would like, my name is darlene david, I like to called darlene. I am not far  from the canadian border at all, about 45 minutes away, people here go to canada all the time, it is a free border, no hassels
sorry to hear your marriae didn't work out, but  when it isnt working, it should end with the devorce, I was sooooo much happier, and its amazing how much your mind can grow once you happy again!!!! how old are your students?

are you in the country or city? is there lots  of stores, gas stations? any 7 11's I have ow idea what life is like for you other than what iv seen in the movies, and im sure that isnt right!! lol! so, write back soon, I enjoy our conversations.

                                    your friend from america


99. 1.10

hello hyun-soo
I hopr you had a good day, (or evening) do you know what the time difference is between us? boy, I have no idea.
Im getting ready to leave for work soon, and had to turn on this crazy machine. I think maybe im on it a little too much, I hope  my grammar and spelling arent too bad. since you can teach english, you are probably better at it than i!! lol!
its cold outside and still no snow. I miss the snow. if we don't get much, our water table will be low in the summer which means less watering of the lawns, we are spoiled here in america I know, but it just seems that each year we get less ane less snow and hot our usual railfallo which are making our lakes get smaller little by little, and now the greedy politicians want to sell our great lakes fresh water to other counyries and ship it to other states.... I do not like that at all. our grea lake are glasier fed 98% and  the rest cimes from the sky. so only 2% are replaceable. what must they be thinking? sorry. I didn't mean to go off  on politics, but human species ruin so much on this  planet. well. I better go for now. I hope your class load increases, and keep up the good work teacher. its nice to hear there are still people out there who care!111 tell them I said hi, and to learn all they can

                                    your pen pal friend.....darlene