Many people keep a diary. Some try to write down everything that happens during the day. But it is hard for you to keep a diary like that. Here is some advice that will help you.

Lots of things can happen to you during the day. But never try to write about them all. That's not the way to keep a diary. Just write about something that was really interesting to you. Did you notice anything special about the trees, animals or people? Maybe you saw something interesting in the street. Did anything new happen at school? Maybe you got a letter from a friend you miss. Or maybe you read something funny in your book or newspaper. There is always room for choice.

Suppose you visited the Korean Folk Village. Who did you go there with? What was the place like? Then write about it. For examination, write about the shops you visited and the good food you had.
The important thing now is to get a notebook. Put today's date at the top of the first page. Then write down the most interesting things that happened to you today.

Here are some pages from Han-su's diary

Monday, November 6, Cloudy

 At school I had a quarrel with Min-ho. We played football and lost. Min-ho and I were on the same team. He said, "We lost because of you." I felt angry. Soon we were shouting at each other. Now I think I went too far.

Tuesday, November 7, Rainy.

 Didn't feel very well all day. Mother was worried. I told her I was OK. But was I?
Must go to bed right now.

Saturday, November 11, Fine

  When I was at my desk, a pretty bird flew in through the window. I ran after it for quite a while. In the end I caught the bird and put it in the cage. I sat down to rest. I looked at the bird in the cage, and away it flew. The bird looked really happy! I'm glad I let it go.

Sunday, December 11, cold

Grandfather died four years ago when I was 10. Today is fourth anniversary for his decease. Uncle and aunts came to hold a memorial service. We missed my grandfather badly.

Monday, February 05. snowy

Today is the first day of New year according to lunar calendar. It is called Lunar New Years' day. We celebrated the day by preparing traditional dishes. Our family offered a sacrifice to our ancestors at home and then visited their graves. I paid visit to relatives with my family to exchange the New Years' greetings.

Friday, October 05, sunny

Chusuk is here. It falls on Friday this year. We like to dress up in Hanbok, Korean costume. We enjoy talking with our relatives eating the delicious traditional food. We paid a visit to ancestor's tomb along with kinfolks. We prepared foods like songpyon. Today we will see a full-moon.

Tuesday, November 06, cold

Father raised my allowance to twenty thousand won for a week. Daddy cut my allowance in half. I have run out of pocket money. So I had to borrow some money from friends.
I asked Daddy to give me next weeks allowance early.

Sunday, January 05, cloudy

Today is Sunday. I had to spend the morning cleaning my room. My room was in mess. My little brother might mess my room up. I had him clean the room. We must clean up the mess before we left after playing. I put my clothes in order after lunch.