1.  get

      making something happen

      It's not hard to get him talking.
      Can you really get that old car get going again?
      I couldn't get the car to start.
      He got his sister to help him with his homework.
      You will never get him to understand.
      Reach or bringing to a particular state or condition

      She will soon get the children ready for school.
      I couldn't get the car started this morning.
      Go and get your hair cut.
      She get her fingers caught in the door.

2. make

    She made me repeat the whole story.
    He must be made to comply with the rules
    His jokes made us all laugh.

3. have

    I'll have the gardner plant some trees.
    Why don't you have your hair cut?
    She had her audience listening attentively.
    They are going to have their house painted.
    The news had me worried for a while.

4. let

    Let me give you an example.
    Let me see.
    Let me ask you a few questions.

5. help

    Help yourself.
    I will help him to study hard.