1. The Seventh Tutor

nun 1: We can't find Maria.
nun 2: I looked in the barn because she likes animals.
nun 3 : Please look some more.
nun 1: We have to do something about Maria.
nun 2: She is not fit to be a nun.
nun 3: This is not a big problem.
nun 1: She has been good so far.
nun 2: She climbs trees, and dances during mass. And she is always late for everything except for every meal.
nun 1: But she is lovable.

Nun 2: Maria! Please come to my room. Go out into the world and find something that you really want to do.
Maria: If that is what God wants.
nun 2: Would you like to work as a tutor for the von Trapp family?
Maria: A tutor for the von Trapp family? The family with seven children?
Nun 2: He is a retired naval captain.
Maria: Was he in the military?
nun 2: He lost his wife a few years ago and he is raising his children alone.
Maria: When God closes a door, he opens the other window. But I am afraid. How can the brave Maria be afraid? I will face this bravely.
Maria: I am the tutor from the convent.
captain: Please wait here a moment.
Maria: How wonderful.
captain: Don't go into any restricted area of this house.
Maria: How do you do?
captain: You don't look like a tutor. And your clothes, go and change before the children see you.
Maria: I don't have any other clothes. I gave all my clothes to the poor when I entered the convent.
captain: You are the twelfth tutor. I hope you are the last.
Maria: Do the children have a problem?
captain: No, the tutors are the problems.
captain: I will tell you everything about the children. This is your new tutor. Her name is Maria.
children: Welcome, Miss Maria. We are glad to meet you.
captain: This is the youngest Gretel. Use the whistle to call the children.
Maria: I don't like loud children. What do I call you, Captain?
captain: Just call me Captain.
Maria: Are you the eldest? I need your help.
the eldest: I don't need a tutor.
children 1: We want our father to pay more attention to us than his business.
children 2: He is too busy.
Gretel: I like you Maria.
maid: It is time for a walk. This is also father's order. I will show you to your room.
Maria: Poor children.
Maria: What is this?
children; You were lucky. The last tutor got a snake.
Maria; Everyone is here.
children: We are waiting for you.
---The children put a pine cone on Maria's chair to surprise her.
Maria: Ouch
captain: Is that a religious ceremony?
Maria: No, It's for arthritis. Why do you eat without praying first? Thank you for this meal, amen.
Everybody: Amen.
Maria: Thank you for the nice gift. I am very happy to receive your warm welcome.
captain: What is it?
Marta: Nothing. Maria, please forgive us.
captain: (He says to himself) Maria has a unique power of attracting people. I wonder if it's those blue eyes of hers.

--- That Night-----

Rolf: Please give this telegram to the Captain.
Liesel: Who delivered this?
conceirge: Rolf of course. He is in the garden now.
Captain: I am going on a business trip tomorrow.
children: Again?
Captain: The Baroness and uncle Max will come home with me.
children: Uncle Max?
Liesel: Rolf! I missed you.
Rolf: Really? I want to come to see you everyday. Germany will come here soon.
Liesel: What?
Rolf: I worried about you Liesel. How old are you?
Liesel: I'm 16.
Rolf: You are 16, going on seventeen. I am 17 going on 18, I'll take care of you.
Liesel: Really? Yes, and I want to depend on you.
maid: The captain sent you some cloth to make clothes.
Maria: How kind! Can I get more cloth? I want to make some clothes for the children.
maid: Captain is so hard on his children. It's after he lost his wife.
Maria: Anyway he must be changed.
maid: Yes, you're right. I ordered some new curtains for you.
Maria: Thank you.
maid: The captain will probably marry this summer.
Maria: That's good. The children need a mother. Now I understand why God sent me here. He wants me to show them love. Let's pray for the Captain and his new wife. Let's also pray for the children. Please make me become friends with Liesel.
Liesel: Haagh.
Maria: In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen.
          Liesel! You suurprised me!
Liesel: Please don't say anything about this to father.
Maria: Were you alone? Okay, take a shower. This will be our secret.
Liesel: Do You remember how I told you that I didn't need a tutor? I think I need one now.
Maria: It's you. Gretel. Are you afraid of the thunder?
Gretel: Can I sleep with you?
Maria: Here, look. Girls, come to my bed. Now let's wait for the boys.
Gretel: They will not come, because they are brave.
Maria: You did come because you were afraid. Didn't you?
Fred: We came because we were worried about you, Maria.
Maria: O, thank you, Fred.
Fred: No, it's Kurt's idea.
Maria. Ah, yes. God bless Kurt.
--Thunder storm growls.---
Children: Aagh.
Gretel: Why does thunder make so much noise?
Maria: Lightning is talking to the thunder.
Gretel: Thunder must be angry.
Maria: Think of your favorite things when you are sad.
Gretel: Like what?
Maria: Raindrops on roses, girls in white dressed. Snowflakes on your nose and eyelashes, these are a few of my favorite things. When the dog bites, when the bee sings, when I am feeling sad, I remember my favorite things and then I feel happy.
Children: I like rabbits. Kittens. Mittens. Pillow fighting.
Maria: Telegram.
children: Small packages
children: This is fun.
Maria: Oh, no. Please come in.
Captain: They must go to bed now.  
Maria: The children were frightened by the thunder, so I was singing to them.
Captain: It's past their bedtime.
Maria: I didn't know that.
Captain: Where did you go after dinner?
Liesel: Well... I...
Maria: She was talking with me.
Liesel: Yes father.
Captain: It's very late. Go to bed now. I am leaving tomorrow. They must obey the rules. I hope you memorize the regulations.
Maria: Captain. I need cloth to make some play clothes for the children.
Captain: You are being a burden.
Maria: They are your children.
Captain: Yes, I am their father. Good night.
Maria: (She said to herself.) He's very cold. Right! I will use this to make it.
Children: Wow! Let's go!

-Maria made play clothes for the children. They all went on a picnic to the mountain.
Fred: This is the best time since the pine cone incident.
Maria: Why did you do that?
Liesel: We wanted father to notice us.
Maria: Let's sing a song. What's your favorite song?
children: We don't know any songs. We don't know how to sing.
Maria: Then, let's start from the beginning. Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti. Oh, let me see if I can make it easier. Doe, a deer, a female deer. Ray, a drop of golden sun. Me, a name I call myself.

2. Maria, goes back to the convent.

-Captain is coming back from the trip with the Baroness in his carriage.

Captain: Where is this song coming from?
driver: It's the convent choir.
Captain: I'll go and look for them. They are good.
Baroness: Who are they?
driver: Some playful country children.
Baroness: It is so peaceful and beautiful here. How can you stay away here so often?
                Where are the children?
children: It's father.
Maria: Captain, you are back.
---One of the children plunged into the water out of the boat.
Captain: Come out of the water at once.
Maria: You are the Baroness!
children: Where's Uncle Max?
Captain: This is the Baroness. These are my children. Go inside and change your clothes.
             (To Maria) I want to talk to you.
maid: I will go to find Max.
Captain: Did my children climb the tree? What is this?
Maria: Their play clothes. I made them with my old curtains. I went to the castle with the children.
Captain: Wearing old curtains?
Maria: The children want you to notice them.
Captain: They are my children. You can go back to the convent. Who is singing?
Maria: I taught the children to sing.
children: How do you like our song?
Maria: Thank you. It's Edelweiss.
Captain: I am sorry, Maria. I was too hard on you. You discovered music for me. Please forget what I just said to you. Please take care of the children.  

--That night the children put on a puppet show.-----

Captain's friend: That was wonderful. I found the perfect singing group for the song festival.
Captain: Who?
Baroness: The convent choir?
friend: You'll be surprised. It is a family choir.
Captain: That is a great idea.
friend: It is your family.
Captain: My children do not sing in front of people.
Maria: Whose song shall we hear next? Captain, please I heard that you are very god. Is it everyone's wish? Edelweiss, Edelweiss, every morning you greet me.
Baroness: I have a good idea. Let's have a party while I am here.

---Soon they have a big party.---

one invited: How can the Austrian national anthem still be alive?
Captain: Everybody looks fabulous.
one invited: I want to dance too.
one children: I want to wear a pretty dress.
one children: Who are you going to dance with, sis?
Liesel: I want to dance with...
a boy: Sis, may I have this dance?
Liesel: Why didn't you tell me you are a good dancers?
one children: What music is this?
one children: It's Austrain folk music. (to Maria) Please teach us how to dance.
Maria: Come here.
Captain: Leave it to me, son.
---The Captain danced with Maria. Maria's heart was beating fast.
Maria: I can't dance any longer.
one children: Your face is red.
Maria: It's because I'm a little hot.
---The party was still going on, but the children had to go to bed.
Maria: Good night everyone.
Liesel: Can I stay a little while longer?
Captain: No.
Gretel: I'm sleepy.
Children: Everyone, please enjoy yourselves.
one invited: Excuse me. Miss, may I talk to you? Why don't you stay a while and enjoy yourself?
Maria: Will it be okay?
Captain: If you want, stay, Maria.
Maria: I am not dressed for this evening.
Captain: We will wait for you.
One woman invited: You must be proud of the children. They have beautiful voices.
a German invited: The beautiful voice is typical to Austrians.
Captain: You are a German.
a German: Yes, Germany will merge with Austria soon. When we come here, you will be singing in German.
Maria: What shall I wear? I don't have a suitable dress?
Baroness: Do you like the captain?
Maria: What do you mean?
Baroness: The captain is in love with you. Didn't you see the way he looked at you when you were dancing? You turned red too.
Maria: I will go back tyo the convent.
Baroness: Is there anything I can do for you?
Maria: Please don't say anything to the Captain.
Baroness: You will be a good nun.


Edelweiss, Edelweiss.
Every morning you greet me.
Small and white,
Clean and bright,
You look happy to meet me.

Blossom of snow
may you bloom and grow,
bloom and grow forever.
Edelweiss, Edelweiss,
bless my homeland forever.

3. The Captain's proposal.