We use the word 'time' very often. But it isn't something that you can see, hear, feel or smell.
Tick-tock, tick-tock. Do you hear the ticking of the clock?
Time is going by. Where is it going? Can you see it go by? People say, "Time flies."
Well, it's easy to say so, but can you see it fly? What is time?
It is here. Then it is gone forever. You say you "keep time." But that doesn't mean you make it stay. The clock may stop, but time doesn't. You can never stop time, or make it go faster.

 Time goes by evenly. One o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock. Each hour is sixty minutes. Never any more or less. But when you are waiting for something, an hour can seem very long. And if you are having fun, an hour seems to pass just like a minute. But it's not a minute. It's an hour.

Time goes by in the fields where the flowers nod. In the jungle the animals know that time passes. They have clock hanging up in a tree. But when it gets dark at night, they know that the day is over. What makes autumn leaves fall? It's also the work of time.

Time goes by for everyone-the king, the bird, the fish in the sea. It goes by while you're brushing your teeth in the morning. It goes by for your friend, who is waiting for you. It goes by even for the cat in the kitchen.

Time is the night and time is the day. Time is for work and time is for play. Time is right now, this minute. And it is all the days and years to come.   


1. Have you ever thought about time?
2. There is an saying 'Time flies like an arrow.' What does that mean?
3. How do you make good use of time?
4. How do the animals and plants know time flies without calendar? How do  they adapt themselves
    to the flying of the time?
5. Do you know the time difference bestween America and Korea?